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Fort Pike copyright 2003 Linda TreashJester copyright 2003 Linda Treash

The Big Oak copyright 2003 Linda TreashMardi Gras Indians copyright 2003 Linda Treash

Buried on the Bayou copyright 2003 Linda TreashDaffodil Valley copyright 2003 Linda Treash

Barnard General Store copyright 2003 Linda Treash

Toned Black and White Silver Prints

When I produce my hand-printed black and white images, I maintain the long-proven tradition of fine art silver printing dating back to the 19th Century.

To achieve optimal tonal range, I use the Ansel Adam's zone system for exposing my images onto film and developing the film in my own darkroom. I print each image individually on heavyweight fiber-based paper using hand dodging and burning techniques to maximize the compositional effect of the image. On a second day, I rewet the images and carefully apply toners to enhance tone and detail and also maximize the archival quality of silver printing. My editions are limited to 40 for my primary pieces, and no more than 90 for any of my images. Even so, due to the hand-printing, each finished print stands alone as a unique and century-lasting piece of fine art.

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