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After the Rain copyright 2003 Linda TreashBeacon Hill One Way copyright 2003 Linda Treash

Pirates Alley copyright 2003 Linda TreashAlong the Second Line copyright 2003 Linda Treash

Siesta Sunset copyright 2003 Linda TreashOld Town Stairs copyright 2003 Linda Treash

Tip-to-Toe copyright 2003 Linda Treash

Lith Silver Prints

Originally designed for high-contrast printing, the lith process requires grossly overexposing the image on the paper, then developing the print in an extremely dilute high-contrast lith developer. The result is an unusually textured image with dense blacks and naturally occurring tonal shifts including faint pinks and greens. The prints spend five to twenty minutes in the developer and are finished to the eye.

Because the unusual qualities of these prints are created in the developer bath, the images evolve from print to print in texture and tone as the developer bath density shifts, resulting in images both hard to predict and hard to duplicate. They never come out quite the same way twice.

The square images were shot with a Holga camera, a playful, artsy, ultra-cheap medium-format camera made of plastic. The focal point of the Holga vignettes from the center creating soft edges that work well with the lith process.

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